Category: Airguns

  • The .22 Caliber Pellet

    The .22 caliber pellet grew out of the .22 rimfire, which, at the start of the 20th century, was the choice for most small shooting jobs like pest elimination. But a .22 caliber pellet is no longer the same diameter as a .22 rimfire bullet, nor will a rimfire barrel work well for pellets. The rimfire barrel is sized 0.222-… Continue reading "The .22 Caliber Pellet"

  • The Beeman R-7 Air Rifle

    The Beeman R7 is, like most Beeman guns, a ‘customized’ version of another gun, in this case the Weihrauch HW-30. The Beeman version differs from the standard HW-30 in that it has a different stock- styled more to North American, rather than German, tastes, and it can be obtained in .20 caliber as well as the .177 and .22 versions… Continue reading "The Beeman R-7 Air Rifle"

  • Pneumatic Airguns

    Pneumatic airguns use compressed air for power. The air compressed in the airgun depends on the type of pneumatic it is. The most common pneumatic airgun is the multi-stroke, or sometimes called pump-up type pneumatic airgun. The tiny bit of air compressed in a multi-stroke pneumatic takes as between two and ten strokes of the forend pump lever to get… Continue reading "Pneumatic Airguns"