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Rules for safe airgunning

Airguns are not toys. Here at Beeman, we want you to have a good time with your airgun. But, more important, we want you to be safe. Airguns should be treated with the same respect as you would with any firearm. Failure to use caution with your airgun may result …

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Target Rifle Shooting

People may well wonder why a pistol club is offering target rifle shooting in addition to its pistol disciplines. This situation is not really unique. Many overseas countries offer multiple disciplines at their facilities and the Beaudesert Pistol Club services a very large area which has few shooting facilities, therefore …

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Getting Started – Air Gun Competition

Air Gun Competition For additional information please call the NRA Air Gun Dept. at (703) 267-1477 Air guns, traditionally regarded as guns for beginners, have now made the transition to guns for everyone. Some types, such as the familiar BB gun, are excellent as a “first gun;” other types are …

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Air Guns: Ten Shooting Safety Rules

Air guns are real guns, not toys. You or others can be killed or seriously injured if these rules are not followed Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. There are several safe “carries” depending on the situation. NEVER ALLOW THE MUZZLE TO POINT IN THE DIRECTION OF …

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Learn About This Sport

Target Pistol Shooting, as a sport, is as old as pistols themselves – some 500 years old in fact. The sport started in Europe, as a necessary adjunct to the use of the pistol in war.  When not involved in fighting, pistoleers would practice constantly with their weapons to attain …

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