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Never Ever — things to aviod

Never Ever — (things to avoid) There are a few things you should avoid when using spring-piston air guns NEVER: NEVER dry-fire spring-piston air guns. That is, never fire it without a pellet. NEVER use conventional oils inside the spring or compression chamber of airguns. Use only approved lubricants or …

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Barrel Droop can make your head hurt

it’s likely not your scope: Barrel Droop Barrel Droop Can Make Your Head Hurt If You Don’t Know What’s Going On When a gun won’t sight in, it is seldom a defective air gun scope. Also called barrel angle, “Barrel Droop” – a slight angle between the barrel and receiver …

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Inaccuracy: maybe you’ve got a screw loose

Maybe You’ve Got a Screw Loose Can’t hit the broad side of a barn? It happens to the best of us—for some strange reason the airgun won’t shoot worth a darn. Before you go ripping that new scope off and sending it back to the factory or throwing out a …

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