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Training Programs

Exceptional land and water training grounds afford dogs at Gun-Training an opportunity to work in and experience a variety of conditions. These varied conditions assist a dog in gaining the experience and self-confidence necessary for successful waterfowl and upland game hunting.

Target Rifle Shooting

People may well wonder why a pistol club is offering target rifle shooting in addition to its pistol disciplines. This situation is not really unique. Many overseas countries offer multiple disciplines at their facilities and the Beaudesert Pistol Club services a very large area which has few shooting facilities, therefore …

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What Pistols To Buy

All of the pistols shown on this page are in the price  range $2,000 to $2,600 . These are the top of the range competition pistols Best Value For Money (Recommended 2nd Hand Buys Shown – Others Can Be New or 2nd Hand): Price range – $600 to $2000 depending …

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Follow these 12 steps for improved results. 1. Spring piston airguns take 500-1000 shots to break in. Groups may be erratic for the first 100 shots or so. . 2. “Do not” bench rest on ANY solid object! Rest your hand and place the gun in your hand. Even better, …

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