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Air Gun Shooting

Basic Marksmanship Basic marksmanship can be boiled down to one easy to remember concept. Take the time to get comfortable with your gun. As you shoot more, you become more acquainted with your new airgun. As you become more acquainted, you begin to relax and your shooting starts to improve. …

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Some Practical Reasons for Purchasing an Air Gun

Air gun shooting can be a relaxing hobby or a highly competitive sport, and is also an official Olympic event for both men and women. Air guns are the perfect way to teach your family marksmanship and correct gun handling – training that neatly carries over to firearms use. High …

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Learn About This Sport

Target Pistol Shooting, as a sport, is as old as pistols themselves – some 500 years old in fact. The sport started in Europe, as a necessary adjunct to the use of the pistol in war.  When not involved in fighting, pistoleers would practice constantly with their weapons to attain …

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