Never Ever — things to aviod

Never Ever — (things to avoid)

There are a few things you should avoid when using spring-piston air guns


NEVER dry-fire spring-piston air guns. That is, never fire it without a pellet.

NEVER use conventional oils inside the spring or compression chamber of airguns. Use only approved lubricants or nothing at all.

NEVER release your grip on the barrel until the air gun is fully cocked and the sear is engaged.

NEVER disengage the safety or pull the trigger of an airgun while the barrel is ‘open’.

NEVER use steel BB’s in any air gun with a rifled barrel. Use lead air gun pellets only.

NEVER leave airguns cocked overnight or when unattended. Never store it loaded even if uncocked.

NEVER use or allow anyone to use air guns if they are not thoroughly familiar with its operation.

NEVER trust any safety — keep air guns pointed in a safe direction at all times.


ALWAYS practice and teach safe air gun handling.

ALWAYS be aware of the backstop when shooting or hunting with air guns.

ALWAYS THINK before shooting.

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