Target Rifle Shooting

People may well wonder why a pistol club is offering target rifle shooting in addition to its pistol disciplines. This situation is not really unique. Many overseas countries offer multiple disciplines at their facilities and the Beaudesert Pistol Club services a very large area which has few shooting facilities, therefore it seemed logical to iinclude some of the rifle shooting disciplines in its charter to allow those people in the Shire who would like to shoot rifle events as opposed to pistol events, to do so.

The type of rifle shooting discplines being offered are:
a. Target Air Rifle Shooting
b. Target Smallbore (rimfire) Prone Shooting
c. Target 3 Position Smallbore Shooting
d. Rimfire Benchrest Shooting

The Beaudesert Range is cleared for thesematches and the Club at its Annual General Meeting decided to go ahead with the addition of these disciplines. They are all ISSF disciplines except for the Rimfire Benchrest, which is governed by International Rules.

Target Air Rifle

It is anticipated that this will prove the most popular of the rifle disciplines engaged in by people at the Club. This is because the match is conducted in fully sheltered facilities with electric target changing facilities, and the ability of people to shoot the match, within the specified time limits, at their own pace. In addition, once the initial equipment purchases are made, the cost of engaging in this particular sport are minimal.

The match is open to virtually any single shot, .177 calibre air rifle, and even the most basic of these is capable of producing a respectable score. Those who wish to and who can afford it, can equip themselves with the latest and most elaborate match air rifles and shooting jackets and boots, but none of these things are really necessary unless one wishes to attain very high standards in the sport.

The Match is open to men, women and children, 12 years of age and over, and in addition, is particularly suited to people with disabilities, including those with quite extreme disabilities, such as quadraplaegia and various muscle wasting or nervous system related illnesses.

The Air Rifle competition is shot at 10m from the standing unsupported position and consists of 60 shots in 1 hr 45 mins for men, possible score – 600, and 40 shots in 1 hr 15 min for women, possible score – 400. For people with disabilities, the shooting position can range from standing unsupported, to seated,and to seated, with the rifle fully supported in a fixture.

The Air rifle target is small – very small. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, the modern match air rifle will put all of the pellets fired from it through the same hole at 10m and secondly, most of the top shooters in the world manage to shoot the possible score or very near to it, regularly. The Air Rifle target looks like this:


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